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Welcome to Chosencraft! Here, we try our very best to provide a great server with a balanced economy and fun mechanics while promoting a truly amazing community! Please, enjoy your stay!
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Feb 13 '16
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Feb 20 '16
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Mar 01 '16
12:00 AM
Hey guys. Might be inactive for like two days, I'm super busy with work. xD
Don't let your memes be dreams, but definitely don't let your dreams become memes. Words to live by.
Living the dreaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmm
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News and Announcements


Ive aAdmin posted Mon at 1:23

Saturday, February 13th, we'll be hosting a Valentine's Day event!
We'll start with rounds of Parkour, Spleef and Dodge throughout the day.
At 7pm you can explore /warp vday, take a ride down Chosencraft's Tunnel of Love,
exchange Valentines and walk through The Hall of Broken Dreams.

On Team Speak Glacka and Ash will be starting the night off with some music
and trivia. Eventually we'll move to a game of Cards Against Humanity.

For our Main event, you have a few options. You can partner up for 2 vs 2
PVP and Wolf Hockey Tournaments. You can sign up with me HERE. If we don't get
much interest in the tournaments we will be hosting one of our weekly Mob Arenas instead.

Who knows, maybe we'll do it all!!

The Glackin Helper Make sure to send any song requests to myself or ash
Jawman poor wording?

BioDome 2

Ive aAdmin posted Jan 18, 16

So... You thought you could just kill a god and walk away?

February 6th, 6pm EST we're hosting our second BioDome.
This event is a continuation of last month's game.
The newly fortified Dome is under siege.
Defend the Dome against the angry gods and work together for mutual survival.
Complete the challenges, find the traitors and you may just make it out alive.

Expect a few new game mechanics, as we've been working fairly hard to make the game more challenging and dynamic. This event will also be closer to a traditional BioDome as it will be subtly following a narrative. So mark your calenders and tell your friends!! This is going to be Epic!!

Froggy I was thinking of making a comeback, but I was one day too late... See you guys next time there's an event!
Pelagius mad snail disease shall consume you all!
Meluna you really like to choose bad times xD

PVP Tournament!

Tylermjo Modo posted Dec 28, 15

Sharpen your swords and string your bows because we're getting ready for a PvP tournament!

This Event will be at 7:00PM EST on Saturday, January 16th

You won't need to sign up, simply show up at the time and date. This Tournament will be on SMP so prepare your McMMO abilities! Any equipment will be allowed for use at the tournament! To scope out the arena go to /warp Arena on SMP.

There will be a few basic rules:

  • Only one God Apple will be allowed per match.
  • Punishments for using a hacked client will be far more severe than usual.
  • No use of alternate accounts in the tournament. If found, all of your accounts will be disqualified for the tournament.
  • All other Server rules apply.

There will be prizes for the Champion and Runner-up in the tournament:

Champion Runner-Up
  • "Gladiator" custom Tag
  • $20,000
  • 1 Enchanted item
  • 1 Pepe head
  • $10,000
  • 1 Enchanted item
  • 1 Pepe Head

Hope to see you all there! Good luck!

Tylermjo Modo The Winner was Fearss and the Runner-Up was Mysterywiz
sara (srod) sharpen your swords. string your bows.... we're not violent we swear
Trixay (Ally ) Omgggg i better be unbanned by then -_-

A Time Table Called Christmas!!

Ive aAdmin posted Dec 18, 15
6pm 11pm 10am Musicbot Goes Live!!
7pm 12am 11am /warp Xmas opens!
Mini Games!!
Secret Santa!
7:45pm 12:45am 11:45am Christmas Parkour
& Spleef
Christmas Carols
8:30pm 1:30am 12:pm Mini Build: Gingerbread
House Building Contest!
Card Against Humanity
9:30 2:20am 1:30pm MOB ARENA!!!

See you There!!!

sara (srod) Oops I made plans tonight
Shadania aAdmin YUES
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