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Welcome to Chosencraft! Here, we try our very best to provide a great server with a balanced economy and fun mechanics while promoting a truly amazing community! Please, enjoy your stay!
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I think so :(
Is there an issue with stats resetting on kit..?
Appears to be a few issues left from last night, Hopefully the majority should be fixed by tonight.
Teamspeak? Anyone else having connection issues?
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Please do not post about bans here
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News and Announcements

Big Build #7 Judging

Jesus aAdmin posted Mon at 4:37

Thank you to everyone for your dedication and contribution to our Big Build competition, the official due date was February 28th and the competition is now officially over. It was not a coincidence that the KitPVP reset also occurred on this date and is partially responsible for the wait, this small amount of extra time afforded to builders should be used to ensure your build dues are paid and your warp properly registered. Please contact a staff member with questions if one arises.

We performed a cursory glance at all of the builds last night and look forward to officially judging them tonight. At this time, it appears all builds are complete yet we would ask that no further modifications be made. Builds will be world-guarded to prevent tampering during the judging phase. The judgment phase will be operated by a panel of staff members, some of whom have backgrounds in art and building, via a framework of criteria including but not limited to: scale, creativity, innovation, diversity of material, and technical difficulty.

The official judging will begin today.

Thank you, for your work and patience.

The long awaited KitPvP reset has been scheduled for Saturday February 28th. Originally, we intended to reset KitPvP around the same time as the SMP reset but had decided to wait. SMP took longer than expected and several other matters were of higher importance, some of those matters were prerequisites for the KitPvP reset as well.

The Chosen Build Team has prepared a great new map that not only takes some of the most successful elements from the current kitPvP map, but also adds new environments and ideas to step up an already great map. Good job guys!

Thank you for your patience as well, we recognize the long wait for this reset.

xDarkLordPvPx lovin the new map until i got banned for "cheating" even though i waited in te hub for 2 hours xD
Hero_Cow01 interested to know, are gaps coming back?

The Ability To Change Your Name

Kiro aAdmin posted Feb 15, 15

As many of you have already noticed today the ability to  change your minecraft username has become avalible. However, this of course is not without some issues as always.  Currently due to a lack of UUID Suppot in certain plugins  you will lose everything associated with these plugins.  Some of the thing which you may lose are: 


  • A loss of all accumulated Pinfo time.
  • Your Minecraft Character being unconnected from the website (It is possible to go through the proccess again to reconnect your character.)
  • Loss of anything in relation to Towny (plots, ownerships, towns, access to things on plots, etc.)
  • Possible issues with permissions, some have had this and some have not it appears to be fairly random.
  • Loss of connection to your Big Build Team.



However, there are more things than this list states, some of which we aren't aware of yet.  Keep in mind we are working to find ways to fix these things.  Sadly some of these plugins, such as Towny, are not owned nor upkept by us and we are not able to fix them.  We are only able to wait and work on possible ways to work around it, and of course make sure all future plugins, some which of our own, and some not, are adaptable to the new UUID system.


Thank You For The Understanding and Cooperation

The Chosencraft Staff Team

MGS_Big_Boss Hi Kiro, I did not change my name, but It seems that my player info was wiped out. I was close to 30 days, and now it ...
Samodda Hi Kiro, that sounds amazing. So just to clarify, is this only if you change your name or has the switch to UUID done us ...

Big Build #7

Jesus aAdmin posted Jan 26, 15

Hear ye Hear ye! Let it hereby be known that Chosencraft, by the powers vested in thy humble and beneficent server staff, has commissioned Big Build #7, for your pleasure and enjoyment. 


 The rules of the contest are simple:

  • No inappropriate builds
  • Stick to the deadline
  • Pre-existing builds cannot be entered
  • Asking for items is not allowed
  • All server rules still apply

If any of these rules are broken, the participant will be kicked out of the contest and possibly banned from the server.

This particular Big Build will introduce a new rule: Starting with this Big Build including all future Big Builds, previously attained Builder ranks will be removed. The removal will occur during the judgment phase of the build; this allows previously awarded ranks to be used in a Big Build. The rationale behind this decision is: Builder ranks were always meant to be ‘prestige ranks’, allowing a player to ascend in prestige and minor powers by displaying creative and constructive skills greater than their peers.

The deadline of this contest is Sunday, March 1st where building must be stopped and the judging begins! There is no theme associated with the Big Build.

The prizes for winning are as follows:

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Builder Rank

Builder Rank

Builder Rank

50% of Entree Fees

25% of Entree Fees

10% of Entree Fees

3 Enchanted Items

2 Enchanted Items

1 Enchanted Items

1 Nether Star

 Description of the Builder Rank:

  • Piston Usage
  • Dispenser Usage
  • Bucket Usage
  • Clear Inventory Command [/ci]
  • /fly permission

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a custom-built plugin for this Big Build, please refer to this new plug-in manage your team.

[Big Build Plugin]
Commands and syntax are simple, please refer to the commands to get started.

/bb create [team name]
/bb help

[How to Enter]
To create your team, enter '/bb create [team name]'. Once your team is created, everything will be managed from there. It doesn't cost anything to create a team, but for your build to be eligible, you need to pay $3000 per team member. which can be payed for by any member of the team by using the '/bb pay <amount>' command. Please note that there will not be any refunds given for anything done on this plugin.

By the time of the judging, every team is required to have a warp location set (use by staff and members of the team only), a full team name, and a name to your build as well as your entry fees payed in full.

penispenispenis x define inappropriate
Newton17 o May I suggest a limit be placed an how many build team members are on a single team? That may be unfair.
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