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Welcome to Chosencraft! Here, we try our very best to provide a great server with a balanced economy and fun mechanics while promoting a truly amazing community! Please, enjoy your stay!
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Professor Meep Mod
Professor_Meep @ SMP
posted Nov 22, 15

Hello all! As you can most likely tell from the title, BioDome is returning! This event is long overdue (almost two years in fact) and so we believe the time is ripe to resurrect this immensely fun event.

But what exactly is BioDome? Well the long, original post on BioDome can be found here, but I'll attempt to summarise it a little.

The basic aim of this event is to survive and complete the tasks that the Gods (hosting staff, Tylermjo and Meep) set out. A group of people are placed within a dome with limited resources, and must work together to complete the tasks. These tasks could be anything from collecting a certain number of mob heads, to building a portal and escaping the dome into the outside world. But it's not going to be plain sailing. Outside the dome, monsters prowl amongst the ruins and treasures that lay scattered across the wilderness. The dome may crack, presenting an opportunity for a horde of monsters to come charging into your home. The Gods may be angered, and smite someone as they sleep. Players may be taken and held hostage, who must be then saved within a time limit. Players may turn evil, and kill others in order to please the evil Gods. Anything can happen. Anything WILL happen!

This is very much a role-playing event, so make sure you get into the spirit of the dome! It is the most fun when players are creative with what they do. Creativity and cunning will be rewarded by the Gods, whereas simplicity, boringness and predictability will be shunned and purged from the dome.

Furthermore, you may not bring any items into the event. You and the rest of the participants will have to work together with the small supplies given by the Gods, and what you find within the dome, to complete these mighty tasks.

When will this event take place, you ask? Well, we have set the date for Saturday the 5th of December, at 6PM (EST). Please tell us if you are attending by commenting below, the Gods favour those that are organised!

What will the tasks be? We have not yet finalised a list of tasks for the event. This where you guys can have some input! Comment below some ideas for what could be fun to do in this BioDome. Practically anything is possible, so use your imagination!

This event will only take place if enough people commit to participating and show up on the day. If not enough people can make it, then we will be left with no choice but to reschedule the event.

The Gods are waiting for you!

TL;DR - BIODOME, 12/5/15, 6PM (EST)

ThatWildBear Me toot
Ace1041 Finally a biodome! I'll be there ...
Meluna if im actually awake when this is on ill be there!

Spookfest planning

Shadania aAdmin posted Oct 30, 15

Here is the schedule for tonight's events guys! (Times are in PM EST)

Pick your poison!

6:00 TeamSpeak Musicbot goes live
7:00 /warp Halloween opens.
7:45. Halloween Parkour and Karaoke
8:30 Costume Contest and Roasts (Sign up with Mat!)
10:00 After party: Cards against humanity

Some warnings. The roast part will be VERY inappropriate and VERY rude. Only sign up if you think you can handle a serious mental beating. ;D

Also Cards against Humanity. Those games get very inappropriate, rude, awkward, anything, REAL quick. You have been warned.

Both me and Glacka will be streaming the event on Twitch (Links below!) and I will record the entire thing. Somewhere during the next week I will upload the video to YouTube. :D

Spookfest 2015 / Mobarena!

Shadania aAdmin posted Oct 25, 15

Hey everybody!

You may have heard about this already on or around the server, or remember last year's awesome party, but I'm announcing it anyway: HALLOWEEN IS COMING AND SO IS PARTYTIME. Halloween equals spookyness, candy, even more spooks, and lots of fun!

Have you noticed the server spawns/maps have been changing to autumny and spooky? Has your mayor started putting Jack-o-lanterns up? That all is nothing compared to what we've got in stock! In cooperation with many people (tylermjo, Courtenay95, Ivedefected7, AshOnFire (He pretty much started it this year), Glacka, surprisingly enough also Maaat, possibly more) we have created one wonderful composition of a spooky halloween terrain! With many silly minigames, a skin contest, some magnificent pieces of art, atleast two haunted houses, a noteblock-music track, and more, you should absolutely attend the party on October 30th, starting at 7PM EST! (Brits: Midnight, Aussies: I think in the morning) The warp will be made as soon as the party starts! I'll see you there, and if not, in your worst nightmare 'cause I'm coming for you.

Now then, with Halloween and all the scary stuff we'll be doing, we decided to add an extra spookfactor to the last day of October...

Evil geniuses Doctor Purefocus, Professor Kiro and their malevolent assistants have been messing around with the DNA of Zombies, Creepers, and many other mobs. Unfortunately, they had an idea and released tons of their horrid abominations unto the peaceful world of Chosencraft, and they're about to take over our lands! Time to polish up your best helmet and get your good sword out of that dusty chest, because we need YOUR help to secure the perimeters and defeat all of the vile monsters that escaped Pure and Kiro's lab! Join us for this Mobarena, and defend Chosen's future!

This event will take place during/after the Halloween event. Be warned, you will only have what you bring into the Arena, and you'll only get one chance. Die, and you will lose. No refunds. Survive, and you will earn great prizes and eternal glory. Just in the case you're a forgetful noodle like me, this is what you'd best bring along into the Arena: A suit of armor, a sword and a bow, ample arrows and food, and your sense of humor. See you there :D

-The Staffteam

RockerTommy8 I'm so excited can't wait to see what are wonderful chose craft staff has in store for us!
Ash Helper Can't wait!' ...

The Shadmin Cometh!

Jesus aAdmin posted Oct 11, 15

..and with her come cheerful greetings and fair tidings to all.

A promotion to Admin is rather inclusive, vested interests or consignment of one’s time and resources beyond volunteering are both historical and contemporary hallmarks of this position. The position of Admin is also a positon of assurance and steadfastness, such an individual is responsible for handling hard decisions and seeing them through. Although it is easy to sit down and look at everyone in our hard-working and dedicated staff team, especially though the lens of events throughout this year (which were far from trivial in nature), certain attributes are necessary and need to be demonstrated over a period of time to qualify for consideration in becoming an Admin.

Shadania, I myself would like to welcome you to the position of Admin. You garner the support of your colleagues as well as many players; over time you have grown so much and become a cornerstone by which many people count you as a friend. I have seen time and time again, Shadania.. just being Shadania, naturally commands respect and admiration from those around you. Your time and effort have not gone unnoticed; sacrifices you had made in the past serve as a benchmark by which you have never strayed. Know that I speak for many people, you deserve this.

ere33 congrats shad or shadania or shadmin ...
Mafro RIP social life - Shadmin
CheeseletSupreme Shadania. A well deserved promotion for someone who has been committed, caring and attentive. Congratulations.
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