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Missing chosen craft... great update but no servers are updated
lol i love that its soo funny
I am so amused by it
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News and Announcements

Mob Arena!

Spectre Mod posted Aug 5, 14
This Saturday, August 9th, at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, there will be a massive Mob Arena Event!  This event is an exciting, fast-paced event in which you try to fight and survive against waves of never-ending mobs.

This event is a dangerous event.  You bring your own sets of armor, food, etc. into the arena and nothing will be provided.  You get one life, so when you die, you lose the game as well as anything you bring into the arena.  

You might be wondering at this point, "Why would I want to play this game if I could possibly lose my things?" Well, the answer is quite simple really, the prizes are well worth the risk, and the award for MobArena is quite rare indeed!  And also, who doesn't want to experience and fight waves of the fiercest foes Minecraft has to offer?

The  hosts all look forward to seeing you guys there.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.
sullie98 I Was in 6th place and I was trapped in a corner lol and when are the pictures of the winners coming?
Newton17 Helper The secret to winning mob arena: use teamspeak to listen for when the next wave comes, climb leaves to keep melee mobs o ...
JagMaster(☉_ ☉) Bring it britney
It was a great day of chosen idol! Many fantastic, talented people within our community!

Congrats to this years winner, Shadania! And her amazing accordion!

If you missed it yesterday don't worry! Bray has the whole thing filmed in the two hour long video below!

I'm your host, Noel Seacrest, until next year! Good night!

katy x hi there i am t3h PeNgU1N 0F d00m and i was thinking (SOOOOO random right) that you could look at my application!!!! too ...
Izzardd I would of loved to be a judge at Chosen Idol. How are they chosen again?
TheHashy If I competed I would have pulled a Lorde and threw bats at everyone.
We are working hard to fix these random server crashes.  We are running a few server checks to diagnose the problem, however this could take some time.

Sorry it's not very descriptive...
Don't know what else to say..

We'll be back soon-ish!
Izzardd Was it the jumping off buildings or the #BlamePure?
Ace1041 Ha ha ha that's so funny...
Izzardd #BlamePure

We have started to revamp our kitpvp server!
Along with a reset, we added a brand new arena and spawn. This new map is larger than the previous one, and has dozens of secrets and fun spots to pvp in!
The shop has changed as well. You can no longer buy God Apples, however we replaced them with regeneration potions. Also, the knockback enchant is no longer for sale.
We also want to start adding a variety of fun things to do when online. There will now be hosted events in kitpvp such as "pvp parkour" and "Zombie Invasion!"
All together, we hope to create a more friendly, community vibe in kitpvp.
So go and join in on the fun!

Thanks to BraydensBucket for his kitpvp showcase video!

Charliesaurus *Bow* You're welcome.
craftmasterchub Gotta love that build team!!!!
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