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News and Announcements

Yes, You've heard it right, ChosenCraft is finally able to update to the new 1.8 build. To start off with SMP is set to be reset Saturday, at Midnight (EST); then the other servers are set to shortly follow on unspecified dates.

What's All Happening?
Currently we are working on revising many plugins for SMP, so expect there to be changes to the server often. Also for those of you who play on SMP, you will find that everything except your Pinfo has been reset. McMMO Skills, Towns, Chests, Worlds, Balances,etc.; they've all been replaced. This is a true map reset. While we all wish that our precious builds would be able to stay around forever, sometimes map resets are inevitable to keep our server up to par with the latest version of Minecraft. We look forward to seeing yet another round of fantastic players, bases, towns, and community setup - it's always interesting to see how all of our players are able to make each map better and better even though our SMP maps are always amazing.

Also, as a part of this new beginning many of you will find that there has been a massive unban for the player-base to give the many of our unbanned players the chance you've wanted to come back. We have done this with every major reset in the past, and our staff team is prepared to handle whoever comes online on our server. We do not expect any major problems with this as we have had nothing but success in our previous resets where we have done this. However, as with every reset, there are a few exceptions to this mass unbanning and a certain set of players will remained banned. If you find that you are still banned after the reset, feel free to appeal on our website as always.

We hope to see many of you back with another chance, ready to interact with many of the new things to come, and things that have already been changed! We're excited as we look forward into the next adventure of Chosencraft and hope to see you online.

As Always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding anything, feel free to post in the comments below and we will do our best to answer them.

The Chosencraft Staff Team.

Diamondtaker7 Good Luck ChosenCraft! When are you guys bringing back hunger games and arcade, or are you bringing back these things?
McThornz I'm so excited!!! I haven't been on in a year!
McThornz Wait so I'm finally going to be unbanned? After a whole year!? This is great! You won't regret it! ...
             As many of you may have noticed ChosenCraft was fairly unstable yesterday, and today there has been a few connection issues and some lag spikes.  This was caused by an attack on our servers hosting company.  The company was hit with an internet notorious DDOS attack, a denial of services attack.  During the main phase of the attack the company was receiving over 300 Gbps (Gigabytes Per Second) of DDOS power from a BotNet of roughly 100.  While during the peak of the attack it exceeded over 385 Gpbs.  The hosting company entered a state of  high capacity mode, this allows them to absorb nearly all of it, while maintaining a semi stable connection. 

What Does This Mean For Us?
While the majority of the attack is over the hosting company is expected to stay in high capacity mode for roughly a week.  The server should stay online, with only slight lag issues.  We hope to make up for this soon after the host is back up and running at maximum potential. If you still cannot connect to ChosenCraft please report it to us as soon as possible.  

With Our Deepest Regards
~ The ChosenCraft Staff Team
Shadow_BIiindir The server has very common lag. Are you saying that they'll be even more lag?
Moondog3925 Is that why I died from a zombie and lost my 2 mooshie eggs? If that the case gimmie my 2 mooshie eggs back. And hope th ...
Skelly donut dos?

Halloween is Coming!

Shadania Mod posted Oct 28, 14
We will be hosting another party for the Europeans! This one will be at the 2nd of November, between 5PM and 8PM GMT. Hope to see many of the people who can't come to the first one there!

***UPDATE 2***
As you all know, TheHashy was going to do a dropparty. Well, he joined up with us! He'll be doing his dropparty at the end of our big parties, so make sure to stay to the last bit!

Hey everyone!

Halloween is near, and as you all know that means spooky times, candy and, above all, loads of fun. Come hang out with us on Saturday the first of November, between 7 and 10 PM EST, because we have prepared a bunch of awesome things for you all!

You may already have noticed some small changes to the spawns of the servers. Well, that's not all! We'll host a load of the usual events, modified a bit for Halloween and with special prizes, and besides those there will be new events and minigames, like a dunk tank, a haunted house ride, a halloween skin contest and more!

Have a spooky Halloween!

-The Staff Team

         The Epidemic is upon us!
Ace1041 Yeah I can't wait until halloween
Shadania Mod The parties were awesome, people! Glad to have had such awesome players to do events with! Hope to see you all again at ...
Many of you have recently noticed our servers being down for short times today.  Many of you instantaneously thought that we were updating to Minecraft 1.8, however this is not so.  Today we ran updates on several of our servers to add in support for 1.8's new UUID Player Identification System.  

     This was to ensure that all of those who have been punished for various reasons will still have the punishment dealt upon them.  That, if they were to change their names, they would not be able to simply bypass the punishment.  The UUID Support also was to allow our donors to keep their ranks in case they ever decided to change their name as well. 
     As for updating to Minecraft 1.8, we will withhold on that for the time being.  We are currently waiting on a stable Bukkit build and for some of our various plugins to become compatible with 1.8 and the newest Bukkit build.  The reason why we do this is to ensure a smooth crossover between switching to the newest update and plugins.  Also while we are waiting on our tools to update and be modified, it is quite likely Mojang will implement a Minecraft Version 1.8.1.  Often times Mojang releases a patch for it's major updates very soon to patch unknown and unforeseen glitches and exploitations.  

     Keep in mind we're constantly working on keeping things running, and this process will simply make our servers, players, and administrative team's time on the server smooth with the least amount of issues possible.
                                                                                                                                     With Regards
Glackapunch pfft they added uuid when i was a helper >.> nice try at covering though
Aiden G. Petrie Thank you. I am happy that this server will support name changing when it arrives. I hope that everyone will wait patien ...
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