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News and Announcements

Global Points

BadGirl aAdmin posted Mon at 0:06

Newly implemented Shop!

Hello there ChosenCrafters! I am happy to let you know that we have implemted a new feature to ChosenCraft! I know many of you have noticed something on your pinfo for a while. I'm happy to announce that it is finally in use! I introduce you to the Global Points Shop! This shop rewards player who vote/win events/help staff. Its very simple and easy to use! All you need to do is /shop


Looks a little something like this ^

Some rewards require a certain amount of Global Points and Vote Points.

  - Global Points are earned by helping staff, winning an event, or voting

  - Vote Points are earned by voting

 GPShop GUI2

As you can see, this reward costs 300 Global Points and 18 Vote Points.

For each vote on one server, you get 1 Vote Point (So vote on all 8 sites to earn 8 Vote Points). For each 1 full vote (6 sites) you get 100 Global Points.

Join the OCCCFAQAAFAP to make suggestions on perks that can be earned and added in the future!

It will soon be added to each server with different perks you can benefit you on that server!

Ace1041 @ SMP
Shadania This is the best thing since CTF got back, awesome stuff :d
TheHashy Helper So cool!

This thing? Again!?!?

Dannacus Mod posted Sep 13, 16

Third Official ChosenCraft Community Feedback and Question and Answer Forum

and Potluck

Hey everyone! Ever wonder what's going on when you see all of the ChosenCraft staff locked away in their own channel on Team Speak? Well, after we wake Gigs up from his nap and get Badgirl to stop screaming at everyone, we have a meeting!

With so many changes to MineCraft and to our server as of late, we have decided that it's time that we let you, the community, participate in a meeting with us. This isn't going to be an open house for you to see what we really do behind closed doors. Instead, we have decided to invite you to our third ever Official ChosenCraft Comminty Feedback and Question and Answer Forum and Potluck, or OCCCFAQAAFAP for short. (Go ahead, try to sound it out.)


Great question player! It is a meeting where you, the community, get to know what is going on and express your opinion! Also, great pronunciation player!

"When is the OCCCFAQAAFAP Dan?"

I'll tell you player! The OCCCFA-BLAH-BLAH is on Saturday, September 24th at 3pm EST! That's when it is!

"What will be happening at the OCCCFAQAAFAP?"

Another great question! Many things! The staff team will update you on what is new and what is to happen. You will be able to ask questions and tell us what you think. Also, I think I heard that Gigs is bringing donuts.

"Will I be able to make suggestions?"

Of course! This meeting is for you, the Community! You make ChosenCraft. You are what make it great so we would like to know what kind of ideas are in those big and wonderful brains of yours!

"Where is the OCCCFAQAAFAP?"

On our ChosenCraft TeamSpeak silly! There is a max amount of people who can be on though so be sure to get in while you can!

"How do you pronounce OCCCFAQAAFAP?"

I dunno. Wreck made it up. Ask him.

"Will this be on the test?"

Test?! What test?! I have to go study! See you at the... however you pronounce it.

September 24th @ 3PM EST

Black_Eruptionz I will try my best to attend!!!111111111
Izzardd Noone got discriminated against in this OCCCFAQAAFAP announcement 1/10
Shadania Imma try attend for the donuts :d You got frosted ones right?

New(ish) Event!

BadGirl aAdmin posted Aug 25, 16


Wonderful news! A very highly requested event has been implemented! That's right everyone, Capture the Flag (CTF) is back! The objective of the game is simple. You are either on the red or navy team and you must run to your opponents base and grab the wool (flag) and run back to your base. You can choose from 5 different classes. Default, Scout, Archer, Tank, or Alchemist. Each class has their weakness and strengths. You must work as a team to win. First team to 5 wins! An alternative way to win is to kill the other team enough until they run out of team lives.

We hope to implement more events in the future so keep an eye out

*This is a hosted event and you are unable to win spawn eggs from it.

Yew Just came on to see this.. I'm so happy for you guys, doing an amazing job!! (:
Shadania YES


BadGirl aAdmin posted Jul 17, 16


JULY 30TH 6:00 PM EST [18:00 GMT -5]

       Chosen Ones, we are happy to announce that we will be hosting our first ChosenCraft Mob Arena since the 1.9 update server reset! This is your chance to have a lot of fun and win a some epic gear and a beacon for the top three survivors!

       Haven't played Mob Arena before? Don't worry, the rules are really simple. We're going to throw you in a giant snow globe with no chance of escape. Doesn't sound too bad? Well, it wouldn't be except that  instead of snow falling, every time the ChosenCraft staff decide to shake things up, it rains lots of monsters that want to eat you alive and otherwise maim and kill you. If you succeed at killing them before they kill you, you get to play in the next round!

     A few words of warning though. Mob Arena isn't a simple game of Parkour. Once we lock you in the dome, there is no escape, no help and death is a very real thing. Players will be entering the arena with their own gear, food, potions and any other supplies they need to survive this grueling contest of blood and sport, and if they die, their gear is left for the survivors to use to attempt to survive the torment ahead. High risk? Absolutely, but what is high risk without high reward? Once the field has been thinned down to only three survivors, these three will be rewarded with an epic gear piece of their choosing and a beacon that they can display proudly to proclaim that they have what it takes to survive ChosenCraft's toughest event.

     Sound like fun? Well, start hitting those xp grinders and brewing stands and start digging up those diamonds and prepare to fight for your life. The arena will be held in our SMP server on July 30th at 6:00 pm EST! [18:00 GMT -5]

Congrats to our first 1.9 Mob Arena! Sertefile, FlaminDiamond, and Siragnarok!

                                                           Good Luck!!!

Izzardd Not congrats to the people that won mob arena, nonono, congrats to the mob arena itself
roboticblaster 11pm in the UK should be fine!
Froggy I might be there... Probably not, because I haven't played much since the server updated... Alas... Earwax...
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