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everyone does ._.
i want update ;-;
I think your names sparkles because you're SVIP. I could be wrong though.. :/
Also why does my name sparkle?
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News and Announcements


BadGirl aAdmin posted Sat at 12:46

First Official ChosenCraft Community Feedback and Question and Answer Forum

and Potluck

Hey everyone! Ever wonder what's going on when you see all of the ChosenCraft staff locked away in their own channel on Team Speak? Well, after we wake Gigs up from his nap and get Dan to put down his Pokémon game, we have a meeting!

With so many changes to MineCraft and to our server as of late, and the upcoming launch of our new SMP server, we have decided that it's time that we let you, the community, participate in a meeting with us. This isn't going to be an open house for you to see what we really do behind closed doors. Instead, we have decided to invite you to our first ever Official ChosenCraft Comminty Feedback and Question and Answer Forum and Potluck, or OCCCFAQAAFAP for short. (Go ahead, try to sound it out.)


Great question player! It is a meeting where you, the community, get to know what is going on and express your opinion! Also, great pronunciation player!

"When is the OCCCFAQAAFAP BadGirl?"

I'll tell you player! The OCCCFA-BLAH-BLAH is on May 21st at 3pm EST! That's when it is!

"What will be happening at the OCCCFAQAAFAP?"

Another great question! Many things! The staff team will update you on what is new and what is to happen. You will be able to ask questions and tell us what you think. Also, I think I heard that Gigs is bringing donuts.

"Will I be able to make suggestions?"

Of course! This meeting is for you, the Community! You make ChosenCraft. You are what make it great so we would like to know what kind of ideas are in those big and wonderful brains of yours!

"Where is the OCCCFAQAAFAP?"

On our ChosenCraft TeamSpeak silly! There is a max amount of people who can be on though so be sure to get in while you can!

"How do you pronounce OCCCFAQAAFAP?"

I dunno. Wreck made it up. Ask him.

"Is Pizzaboy invited?"


"Will this be on the test?"

Test?! What test?! I have to go study! See you at the... however you pronounce it.


Seriously, Pizzaboy is not invited. Don't tell him. I'm not joking. Don't do it. It's a bad idea man.

Meeting Notes

RETCON: I have been been informed that due to ChosenCraft's policies regarding fareness to players and in the spirit of being a good noodle, I am required to allow PizzaBoy to attend the OCCCFA-BLAH-BLAH.

coolprezision Man. to bad I missed this. I used to play Chosen Craft all the time, it was my main server and then something happened a...
poppercorn101 I'd pronounce it Oh- Cee- Fac -qua-fap. but, thats my guess XD

ChosenCraft 1.9 Server Update!

BadGirl aAdmin posted Apr 15, 16

       Greetings fellow ChosenCrafters. The winds of change have been blowing through our community and we here at ChosenCraft Central Command have decided to hoist the sails and put that wind to work. In other words, we've been really busy making some major changes within the server and we cant wait to show you all! Here's a quick break down on some of what we've accomplished today. 


    -Skyblock has been reset and is up and running with a new spawn. We have switched to a new plug-in as well! This plug-in allows you to do much more than just a basic skyblock island! Check out the forum HERE . Make sure to come check it out! Type /skyblock or click on the sign in the ChosenCraft Hub to join in the fun.

     -Tylermjo has tendered his formal resignation from his position as ChosenCraft Administrator. Tyler's resignation is unrelated to recent other restaffing events and ChosenCraft's staff would like to wish Tyler the best of luck in his new pursuits. After an emergency moderator meeting was held, BadGirlt2 (das meh!) has been chosen to take on Tyler's position. I'll try my very best to keep this server the best in the Minecraft community.

     -In preparation for our upcoming server reset, Tyler has officially completed the new Hub that we will be using with our new spawn. We don't want to spoil it for you all, but it looks really amazing. Tyler did a great job.

     -We're working on a number of improvements to the look and feel for our website. More details will be announced in the future.


      -When you log into the server, you may notice a difference. We've implemented the brand new hub! There are a ton of places to explore and many parkours to overcome! Come check it out!

I think that's about it for now. We'll make sure to keep everyone updated on any other changes (and there will be a few more) in the future. -BadGirl

Regarding Recent Events

BadGirl aAdmin posted Apr 12, 16

 Dear fellow Chosencrafters,

      Many events occurred which might concern some of you. As you may have noticed or heard, we have recently had to demote/ban some of our staff members. Reason for this course of action varies greatly, one main reason being they breached the staff agreement. 

      When you apply for staff, there are things you agree to when you are accepted, one of which being that under no condition is a staff member to have a position on another public minecraft server, or have other commitments that could infringe their image as a representative of ChosenCraft. We believed that with such a dramatic drop and loss in power, it was best to remove them for security reasons so that if there were any feelings of anger or distrust, they could in no way damage the server. The current leadership and ownership are not making any allegations that removed staff members would cause any hindrances to ChosenCraft, however, after much debate and discussion regarding this matter, these decisions have been made to maintain the stability of our server and minimize the risk of any conflicts of interest.

      We apologize to our players, staff members and all persons affected by these decisions, but we must remember that first and foremost, ChosenCraft and the stability of our community is our first priority. We are working tirelessly to make ensure that our community is able to endure these events with as little impact on the server as possible.

      For the sake of all persons involved, ChosenCraft staff requests that we keep discussion of these matters professional and direct any and all questions regarding this matter that are not covered above to server administration. Any flaming, deliberate harassment or attempts to compromise the stability of this already sensitive situation can result in disciplinary actions, up to and including permanent banning from the server.

                                           Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

                                                                              ChosenCraft Staff


MinerMatty Lol, delete my comment cause you know I'm right :')!!!!
davdthecreator Wow, that sucks but I understand why this had to be done

Big Build Results

Tylermjo posted Apr 2, 16

Thanks to everyone that came out to participate in this Big Build. We had a lot of applicants and a lot of great builds. The judging took place last night and it was a close vote. we're proud to announce our victors as follows:


FrostlinePro, Sertefile, Haser, WilliamD103. Each will receive $16,500. To view their build go to /warp First on SMP.


Davdthecreator, Axxpym, Ghandhiji, CaptainUncanny. Each will receive $8,250. To view their build go to /warp Second on SMP.


pandastar21, clayclaystout, 123milkyway. Each will receive $11,000. To view their build go to /warp Third on SMP.

Message me to receive prizes.

Sertefile or next months dun dun duuuuuunnnnn
davdthecreator GG To all other participants, hope to see you all in next years competition
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