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Welcome to Chosencraft! Here, we try our very best to provide a great server with a balanced economy and fun mechanics while promoting a truly amazing community! Please, enjoy your stay!
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News and Announcements

Downtime on 7 - 20 - 15, Explanation

Kiro aAdmin posted Jul 21, 15

As many of you had seen or heard of, yesterday evening there was a large amount of issues happening on the ©Chosencraft servers.  This issue began as a misinterpreted set of characters being launched into our SQL database improperly by a plugin on the SMP server.  This misinterpretation caused a chain reaction of events which eventually caused a breaking of the database, corruption of a fair few set of files, and other various things.  We are aware of the problem and are in the process of fixing most of this.  We are also aware of issue of balances, name changes, and home location losses in the SMP server. 


If you would please send this formatted messaged to me Here, I'll gladly try to find a recent file and get you back your things as soon as I can find them. 

  1. Full IGN (In game name):
  2. Server problem has happened in:
  3. What was lost:

    After looking more into the problems we have unfortunatly discovered that the corruption also spread into other parts of the system and corrupted the auto-backup scheduler along with a vast amount of the backed up file, due to this it is unfortune that I say, the amount of things we can do for lost data is minimal.  As for lost locations of homes, we suggest looking in your minecraft screenshots folder ( ...\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\screenshots ) for anywhere where the F3 debug screen or some teleportation method was open that might lead to the location of your home.  I wish I could do more, but unfortunatly with the given circumstances there isn't much that can be done.  However, if you find things not working properly do please continue to send those in so they may be fixed.


Also, if you find anything which is not working properly send a message here with this format:

  1. Full IGN (In game name):
  2. Server bug is occurring in:
  3. What the problem is:
  4. When the problem occurred/is occurring:
  5. Any other possible notes you may have about this problem.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and are working on fixing all impacted things.  Thank you for your patience.

~ The Chosencraft Staff Team

Colonel_Camel I was pretty worried when I read this, but it looks like I got through this storm unscathed. Sorry to hear about the ot ...
Newton17 Question: I see that tanner was affected, so I doubt this, but if we haven't changed our names are we somewhat safe?
TheTanner97 Guessing the first update with the dash mark through it means that you will not be reimbursing lost money...

Chosen Idol 2015: Results

Shadania Mod posted May 1, 15

Yes, yes, I know it's a tad late, sorry for that :D

Audio recording by Haser! Slammed the site logo on it cause Youtube wouldn't accept it :L

Chosen Idol this year was amazing as always, with many talented people having stepped forward and brought their best, and the amazing crowd cheering everybody on. Guest shows here and there, a background drummer randomly picked from the crowd every few songs... It was amazing. And even however I personally loved all of the participants (Sycamore's performance was rather.. Intriguing...) the voices of the people have spoken, and three ultimate winners were elected! On third place, 7_Melanie_7, silver went to FrostlinePro, and the very first place went to last year's silver, FroggyOne! Go and say congrats if you've been so rude not to yet!


Froggy Those days when froggy played chosencraft
AFatDog I'm so sad i missed this, i really enjoy singing and try to get help where ever. everyone sounded really good ...
Mafro I get emotional listening to that ...

Chosen Idol 2015

Shadania Mod posted Apr 19, 15

Greetings, people of Chosencraft! I come to you bearing word of Chosen Idol anno 2015!

Chosen Idol is the long-awaited, much-expected singing/talent show, hosted by Chosen's very own Noel Seacrest, also known as NoelsNook. Together with the judges, including the infamous Badgirl and Pure "The Simon" Focus, and ofcourse the amazing audience, there's bound be a lot of fun, so make sure to be there!

As to the where and when, the event is going to take place on our TeamSpeak 3 server, , and ingame we have a stage readied up to create even more realistic stage fright for our courageous participants. No poison tater throwing please.

The date isn't fixed yet, we have two options: 25th of April, or the 2nd of May. You guys fight it out in the comments (note: no actual fighting please), but the time is already set for either date: 4PM EST, which would be in the evening for the classy Brits and other Europeans (around and past 9 in the evening), and for the lovely Aussies it will be rather early in the morning.

Counting the votes in the comments on which date!
-25th of April:8
-2nd of May:2
Seems like we're gonna do the 25th! 

Some other little remarks: you don't have to sign up in advance, just show up and let Noely know you want to be on the list. There will be two rounds, so be prepared! Last time it was allowed to bring recordings of your performance if you cannot perform at the time it's hosted, and so is it this time. Go Aussies!

Why participate you may ask? Well, there's some great prizes in for you if you're the lucky one! The winner gets a fancy "ChosenIdol" tag, and an Amazon Gift Card of 25$. For the silver and bronze placings, we'll have ingame money prizes aswell: they can choose between 30k on SMP, 200$ on Kitpvp or 100$ on Skyblock (second place), and third-placed will get to choose between 15k on SMP, 100$ on Kit and 50 on Skyblock. Ofcourse this is noy why we participate, the main prize is fun, and everyone will get loads of that!

I better see all of you there, in the seats or on the stage. As they say, be there... Or be square.


Fabulous Sounds likes fun!
Newton17 Of course this is noy why we participate. Shadnia wins. I'll probably be competing this year ...

Big Build 7 Results!

Jesus aAdmin posted Mar 6, 15

Big Build 7 Results!


Thank you to all who participated in Big Build 7, there were several great entries and we spent a couple days going through all of them. There were definitely hard choices made in declaring the winners. We are impressed with the technical skill and creativity demonstrated in this iteration of the Big Build competition. After several reviews and discussions in addition to tallying up points, we declare the following winners:

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place










Artemis Temple



•The Builder Rank

•$15,375 / player

  •Three items w/ ANY enchantments!

•Nether Star

•The Builder Rank

•$6,150 / Player

•Two items w/ ANY enchantments!

•The Builder Rank


•One item w/ ANY enchantments!

The Builder Rank also includes the following capabilities:

  • Piston usage
  • Dispenser usage*
  • Bucket usage
  • Clear inventory command [/ci]
  • Creative flight permission [/fly]
  • 3 Sethomes

We would like to give an honorable mention to the Big Build:

Icey’s Castle by sophiaelizt and Breestar

Thank you to everyone who participated, it would be safe to say that many of the builds that did not place during this Big Build would have placed in other Big Builds. We look forward to having all of you back for Big Build 8.

Additionally, thank you to Purefocus for developing the Big Build plugin. We received great feedback for the plugin and look forward to improving it for the next Big Build.

MGS_Big_Boss Congrats to all the winners!
rwaller Congrats Tanner. You did it alone. You are an inspiration to the lonely men of the world.
Axxpym Nice! Good! Great! Wonderful! AMAZING! (totally not a Sonic Colors Reference :/
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