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Minecraft 1.13

By Kiro aSysAdmin - Posted Jul 19, 18

As many of you may know, Mojang released Minecraft version 1.13 today, which is great news for many and a ton of more work for everyone on the backend.  Currently we have already added support for 1.13 clients, so you will be able to join with them.  However, the server will be staying at 1.12 for a short while until everything is ready to work properly.  I talk to many of the developers of our external plugins daily, so we should be able to test as soon as stable builds arise.  I can't say for certain when we will move full force into 1.13, however we are preparing to make the move as fast as possible.

Players on 1.13 clients:

While we do as a server allow you to join on 1.13 clients, we are not able to support this officially.  You can expect to be able to do all your normal things without too much of an issue.  However, expect there to be some bugs due to how many things have changed in 1.13.  One of biggest offenders I've found so far is being in water can be rather buggy, but there are likely many more.

We highly suggest staying on the 1.12 client until we fully move towards 1.13, instructions on how to do so have been outlined here.

Changes that will happen when we do update to 1.13:

One of the questions we have already been asked signifcantly for the past month is "Will the current world have the new things?", and the answer to that is partially.  One of the things that will happen when 1.13 arives is that any places which have not been impacted at all by players will be regenerated so that the we will have more of the newly generated structures.  We will also be expanding the border of the world so we will have vast amounts of entirely unexplored areas.

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