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News and Announcements


BadGirl aAdmino
badgirlt2 @ Chosencraft_SMP
posted Jun 16, 18

Hello Crafters of Chosen,

     Firstly, I would like to thank you all for being so patient and for a lot of your offers to help. I know it's been tough not having Chosencraft up and running. It's been months of emptiness and heartache. BUT! I'm very happy to announce that we have finally fixed what needed to be done and the server is up and running again.


     After much thought and talk, we have decided to get rid of KitPvp, Skyblock, and Survival Games. We are going back to the original ChosenCraft. BUT! This does not mean it is permanent. We have decided to stick with only SMP for now since the other servers are difficult to update and manage. They are also not nearly as popular as the main Survival Multiplayer Server. We have updated SMP to 1.12 and reset the map and we are excited to see the players again and see what everyone has been up to.

     It seems a lot of you are not aware that when we reset the server, we also clear the ban list. Anyone who was previously banned is now cleared to play again. No exceptions. You all start with a new and clean slate so I hope to see you take advantage of it and keep out of trouble. 

     We have also launched an OfficialChosenCraft Discord if anyone is interested in joining. You can access it by clicking HERE. You will be updated much more quickly about events, changes, and announcements. I look forward to seeing you all there.

     Another change is to the Forums. With this new start, we have made the choice to delete and start nice and fresh. Think of this as spring cleaning. It's about time to stop looking at the past, and continue on forward.

     Please direct any questions, complaints, or comments to myself (BadGirl). I'd love to hear what is on your minds and improve the server however I can. I will be sure to set a Chosen Meeting soon as well so that you, the players, may talk to the staff and hear what will be going on. 

I hope that everyone is just as excited as I am to have Chosen back up and running. Let's all make Chosen the place we loved once again.

The Development Logs thread will list all details that were added/changed

TheHashy Helpero Yes!!


BadGirl aAdmino
badgirlt2 @ Chosencraft_SMP
posted Jun 4, 18

Prepare yourselves players! We are aiming to reopen ChosenCraft again by June 9th 1pm EST.

Edit: Apologies but the date has been postponed for a week. We will open June 16th 4pm EST

Join the discord server to get updates on what is happening! Can't wait to see you all in game again!

Sir_EthanDrake WOOOOOOOH
Ash wooooooooOWwow
BRAY_N_36 @ Chosencraft_SMP
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