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There isn't much that can be done to help you server side unfortunately
I have a similar issue, it's usually because your internet is under heavy use by other people or you have a download in the background
if any of the admins or helpers could help me out it would be greatly appreciated thanks.
i get the message:connection lost: Internal Exception: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
i'm having issues joining the server. currently I can still join the server but over for about 2 mins and my connection times out.
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By BadGirl aHA - Posted Jun 4, 18

Prepare yourselves players! We are aiming to reopen ChosenCraft again by June 9th 1pm EST.

Edit: Apologies but the date has been postponed for a week. We will open June 16th 4pm EST

Join the discord server to get updates on what is happening! Can't wait to see you all in game again!

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