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Ranks have been released!

By Kiro aSysAdmin - Posted Jul 8, 18

After a fair amount of work to have all the core modules of the servers working and some other thing, we are happy to now release what many of you have been bothering me about almost daily!

Ranks have been released for SMP!

We have released most of the basic perks along with a few extras for the time being, and we intend to quickly release more and more to each rank as time goes on.  You can find details on the perks of each rank here, and then the details of each kit here

We will try to keep you notified as more things get pushed out over here as well.  ( I promise I'll get around to actually putting things there, I'm a bit busy running on the wheel at the moment.) 

Have fun everyone, hope to see you around!


  Apologize, I also forgot to mention that the prices of each and every rank has been decreased from what they were previously, take a look.

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